Hand Detail


Since its founding, Saint Germain has been proudly committed to hand-crafting beautiful garments and leather goods. The brand’s devotion to using real leather and hand stitching gives each piece a unique, artisanal touch.The process begins with a labor of love: preparing the leather. Each piece is moistened and softened then carefully distressed to give it a worn-in look. Leather has a natural give and changes throughout the treatment process. The leather is then conditioned to maintain its suppleness.

Once the piece has been primed, expert hands transform it and it begins to take the shape of a satchel, a cuff, or a belt. Needles with a specially designed tip reduce resistance and protect the integrity of the leather. Waxed thread is used to achieve a lasting durability.

Finally, the striking details characteristic of Saint Germain are added: cowrie shells, leather fringe, ostrich eggs, and beading—each hand-sewn accent brings the piece to life.